Military Wash System from MobyDick

Military Wash System from MobyDick

Military vehicles will always have to deal with various kinds of terrain. It is inevitable for the vehicles to get soiled during the process. That is why the trucks, tanks, and other military vehicles will have soiled wheels and these are common to see. However, it still should be cleaned since the soiled wheels will reduce the efficiency and effectiveness of the vehicles and it is harder for maintenance. That is why MobyDick provides military wash. The military wheel washers are dedicated for all kinds of military vehicles so later the vehicles can be cleaned quickly.

Time Efficiency in Cleaning the Vehicles

In military, time is essential. There will be scheduled training, so every second is essential. When the time is consumed only to clean the soiled vehicles, of course it is not effective. That is why the military vehicle washers will be good technology that should be used. The washer will take the job in cleaning the vehicles completely and remove the soils on the wheels and other area. Even, heavy vehicles like tanks can be cleaned quickly. The demucking process will also run automatically so it is not necessary to handle the whole process manually.

Effectiveness in Cleaning the Vehicles

What is interesting about the military wash system from MobyDick is not only limited to its time efficiency. In term of saving time, it will only happen when the washer can work properly in cleaning every corner of the vehicles. In this case, the washers are manufactured carefully. The washers use the combination of low water pressure and water volume to reach the effectiveness and efficiency. By using low water pressure, it will not leave much water wasted during the process. The power consumption is also lower. Even so, it still can clean well since the pressure is already calculated well to remove the soils and dust on the wheels and other area of the vehicles.