Different Aircraft Spare Parts Functions

Different Aircraft Spare Parts Functions

Aircraft Spare Parts are the parts of the airplane that are not used in day-to-day operations but are required as and when they are needed to keep the aircraft in good working condition. These parts help in keeping your plane flying safely and efficiently. There are several types of aircraft spare parts available today which include propulsion, structural, avionics, electrical and communication equipment etc.

Propulsion Parts

Aircraft spare parts engines are the power source for aircraft. They are designed to convert fuel into thrust, which is necessary to create flight. Engines can be classified by their source of energy and type of propellant used:

A piston engine uses pistons reciprocating within a cylinder to create pressure waves that push a piston head at the top, thus producing force on its connecting rod and crankshaft. One example is an internal-combustion engine (ICE), where fuel is mixed with air in the combustion chamber and ignited by a spark plug; this causes expansion in volume as heat raises its temperature above its ignition point, thereby increasing pressure on surrounding walls through adiabatic compression. The ICE then expands down its cylinders generating more power output than would otherwise be possible if only expanding gases were allowed through valves.

Pistonless rotary engines operate by rotating around one or more central axes instead of reciprocating back and forth within them; examples include Wankel rotary engines as well as various types based on linear induction motors such as pulse jets. These types use centrifugal forces produced by spinning masses inside bowls at high speeds instead of using reciprocating motion inside cylinders as traditional piston engines do.

Structural Parts

You should know that the structural parts of an aircraft are also called primary components, and they’re installed at the beginning of the manufacturing process. These include:

  • Wings, fuselage and tail structures.
  • Landing gear (landing gear is a type of wheeled vehicle used to support an aircraft while parked on the ground).

Avionics Parts

Aircraft spares are an integral part of any aircraft. They are used in the maintenance and repair of airplanes, helicopters and other flying machines. Spare parts for aircraft can be classified into three categories: flight control computers (FCCs), navigation systems and communication equipment.

  • Flight Control Computers (FCCs): FCCs are electronic components that control various aspects of flight such as speed, direction and altitude. They also monitor safety parameters like fuel consumption rate etc., which helps pilots improve their performance while flying an aircraft. Some examples include air data computers; attitude direction indicator systems; autopilot systems etc.,
  • Navigation Systems: These are devices which help pilots navigate through space by providing information about location coordinates on earth’s surface along with weather conditions prevailing at different places across continents or oceans like North America continent where you might want to fly from New York City Airport into Los Angeles International Airport located near Long Beach California USA … so these kinds of thing need information before taking off into airspace because otherwise there will be many accidents happening due to lack knowledge about where exactly am I heading towards?

Electrical And Communication

The electrical and communication equipment parts are used to control the aircraft’s flying functions. They include:

  • Flight control instruments
  • Instrumentation systems
  • Avionics (aviation electronics)

Auxiliary Power Units (APU)

Air conditioning systems and auxiliary power units (APUs) are important parts of an aircraft. They are used for maintaining the temperature, humidity, and pressure inside the cabin of a flying machine.

These devices convert heat energy into mechanical work via a compressor that pumps refrigerant through pipes throughout the aircraft. The warm air produced by this process is then circulated through ducts throughout all cabins or compartments within an aircraft’s fuselage.

Different Types Of Aircraft Spare Parts

There are many different types of Aircraft Spare Parts. These parts are used to repair and replace broken or damaged parts, but they can also be used to upgrade an aircraft. Spare parts are essential for the maintenance of aircraft, so you may want to consider purchasing them from a supplier that specializes in this area.


As you can see, there are many different types of aircraft spare parts. Each one is designed to perform a specific function in your plane and keep it running smoothly. It’s important that you know what each part does so that if there’s ever an issue with it or any other part on your plane, you can easily find one from our inventory of over 100 million items!